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Specialising in showreel production, editing from scratch for actors and performers trying to get ahead.

Show reel editing is a reasonably straight-forward proposal, but just in case you don't know, a show reel scene is a bespoke  scene that an actor or performer can produce to showcase their talent.
I can produce show reels for new actors and established actors who are already working in the industry

Why does a stage or film performer needs a show reel?
No matter if you’re an established actor, dancer, singer or presenter, if your trying to secure an agent or just want to add more to your portfolio then a good show reel is essential.

How much does a show reel cost on average?
A low cost show reel can be put together for as little as £50, I personally shoot, produce, edit and direct all the footage myself. This technique allows me to keep my cost levels down to a bare minimum, thus enabling me to pass the cost back to the client.

Why do I need a show reel?
Well my answers simple, how can you sell your talent and capabilities to an agent or a casting director by confrontation alone. The greater majority of casting directors are very busy people, plus they already have a specific style of character in their minds simply from reading the writers brief, so, a show reel allows your abilities and acting techniques to be paraded almost instantly.

How would you describe a show reel?
A showreel is a serious major investment. It’s a mobile CV, and when show reels are created correctly they can be a great tool in your arsenal of capabilities. Plus they are an interesting medium for others to watch. You never know who might eventually catch a glimpse of your show reel. I can take your concept idea and bring it to life.

Will a show reel help me break into bigger things?
The television and film industry has become a highly competitive industry and going into any job ill prepared can lead to a short life in the business and invariably disaster.
A show reel will help you put your mark on the stage, screen or television.

Can I stay ahead of technology?
Technology is moving so fast and virtually everyone I know carries a mobile phone around in their pocket. The greater majority of casting directors and theatrical agents tend to carry an iPad or some similar smart device about their
person or in their briefcase, thus the state of casting is changing rapidly, an agent doesn’t need to see the actor in the flesh anymore, their show reel can be screened anywhere on a smart device, in the car, in the street, sat on the lavatory, you name, it can be watched.
So, a well-made show reel can sort the job for you
there and then.

What is there left to consider?

Its simple, a short 3 to 5 minute show reel can be filmed, edited and produced well within a one day time frame although the more time and thought taken on it will lead on to a better product.
For further information contact me on
showreels@dramahub.co.uk or telephone 07 868 261 669.

Budget Printz Showreels Sound Systems Event Comm Sets
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